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Extraordinary and Incomparable

Surprise and delight someone special with carefully chosen, picked and shipped to order, rare and exceptional fruit from the Dragonberry Fruit Club. Incredibly fresh, carefully hand-packed and beautifully packaged, fruit from the Dragonberry Fruit Club is unlike the usual pears or apples in monthly fruit shipments. Delicate dragon fruit. The rare rosy-pink Hidden Rose apple. Super-sweet Chocolate persimmons. Or succulent Longan, prized in Asia. 12 extraordinary gifts from nature.


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Unique for Any Occasion

A memorable and spectacular luxury, give Dragonberry's Fruit Club for scrumptious fresh fruit each month, delivered in a gorgeous keepsake gift box—once a month for three months, or six months, or monthly for twelve months. You'll hear a delighted “thank you!” for spoiling your recipients, we're sure. You may have to order this incredible fruit for yourself, too!

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Hidden Rose Apple

Only available from Dragonberry Produce

This rare, rosy pink-fleshed apple ships in November. Everyone loves its tart-sweet taste with a hint of strawberry lemonade!

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Delivery is carefully planned to ensure each shipment arrives at the peak of freshness and flavor. Fruit is gently packed and most are hand-wrapped in tissue to keep every piece beautiful and protected. Each month's fruit selection ships mid-month at no extra charge. Please see shipping details.

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Give 3, 6, or 12 Months of Fruit

4 to 5 pounds of rare, extraordinary fruit picked at its peak and rushed to each address.

3 Months

Of Spectacular Fruit


Shipments begin when the order is placed. Free shipping!

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6 Months

Of Unforgettable Fruit


Shipments begin when the order is placed. Free shipping!

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12 Months

Of Incredible Fruit


Shipments begin when the order is placed. Free shipping!

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I’ve discovered so many new flavors I had never tried before. Unbelievable fruit like this can’t be found in the grocery store. Each delivery is a new favorite, yum!”

Even the gift box is beautiful! I’m keeping mine to store keepsakes and memories. But really, I’ve never seen or tasted fruit as good. And it’s so beautifully packed, too!”

A Fruit for Each Month

Each delivery is approximately 4+ pounds of fresh, carefully selected fruit, hand-packed into a Dragonberry gift box, ready to enjoy. Each box includes details about the fruit, serving suggestions and storage information.

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Exotic, flavorful Rambutan

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Delicate, delicious Dragon Fruit

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Longan, the dragon eye fruit

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Ready to drink Young Coconut

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Vivid, red-flesh Dragon Fruit

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Jumbo premium Oregon Blueberries

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Summer-fresh Northwest Cherries

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Crunchy-sweet Nicolo Claret Grapes

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Fragrant, crisp Green Dragon™ Apple

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Juicy 20th Century Japanese Pears

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Beautiful, pink Hidden Rose Apple

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Super-sweet Chocolate Persimmons

Only the Best for You

Our experience as a boutique shipper of fresh fruit has created an exacting process for choosing, harvesting and shipping only the finest of each fruit variety. Fruit is not stored in warehouses for weeks or months. Most selections are picked to order and shipped quickly. Our relationships with growers who care as much about flavor, freshness and excellence as we do ensures we send only the finest, most scrumptious, harvest-fresh gifts of nature each month.

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